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Braided hairstyles for every type of hair

Helpful tips for copying simple hairstyles

There are as many types of braided hairstyles as there are types of hair. Find out here which variation will suit your hair and see the instructions for copying the styles.

Braided hairstyles: the prettiest styles

Surfer girl

Surfer Girl

Expert’s tip: 

Long hair needs weekly intensive hair masks to look really well groomed (for instance, NIVEA Long Care & Repair Treatment). To prevent your hair splitting, you should have the ends cut regularly – every three months as a minimum.

How to do it:

A great look for long, wavy hair that works well thanks to its loosely styled top layer of hair and a thick, loosely braided plait. 

After washing and conditioning your hair using NIVEA Long Repair Conditioner for instance, apply a handful of mousse (e.g. NIVEA Color Care & Protect Styling) to the hair and work it in well using a wide-tooth comb.

Section off the top layer of hair and fix it firmly in place. Blow-dry the remaining hair a little. While doing this, smooth it strand by strand over a large paddle brush. Then dry the top layer of hair with a diffuser attachment set on the highest setting but at a low heat. This way the hair will have more volume at the hairline and natural-looking waves as if dried by the wind.


Now loosen up the top layer of hair a little using your fingers. You can also backcomb the hairline a little. Then tie the hair at the back of your neck into a ponytail. Divide it into three strands and plait it into a loose, voluminous braid and fix with a hair tie. Emphasise the strands around your face with a little NIVEA Creme Gel, working it in with your fingertips. The hair should fall lightly and naturally.

How to do it:

The braided crown is classic, girlish and charming. And you don’t need much to make this romantic look! This version can be achieved quickly with a bit of practice.

Using a tail comb, make a middle parting from your forehead to the back of your neck. It is important to ensure that both halves are the same width.
Then simply plait both sides into normal braids and fix in place with a thin hair tie.

Then place the braids at the back of the neck on top of each other and fix on both sides of the head using hair grips. This braid works best when the hair is long enough for both ends to be hidden under the opposite braid. This makes it look as if there is one continuous wreath of hair.
Styling tip: If you want to wear the braided crown a little more loosely, pull the braided parts apart very carefully so that they look looser and not so tightly plaited. Having individual loose strands of hair makes the style look a bit more casual. 

Now all there is to do is to fix it in place with hairspray (NIVEA Extra Strong Styling Spray, for instance).

Braided crown

Braided crown

So stylish! The braided crown is timeless and stylish.



A perfect style and not just for a beach party: This updo with cornrows is really eye-catching – and so simple into the bargain!

How to do it:

These braids are also really good for short hair. Whether just one plait or several next to each other, this hairstyle is pretty eye-catching! 
The way these plaits look, braided close to the head, is reminiscent of the surface of rows of corn – hence the name.

To start creating the hairstyle, part the hair and divide into strands. The hairdo is particularly attractive with a row on both the left and right.

Then plait tightly from the forehead to behind the ear. In each stage of plaiting, a thin strand of the remaining hair is taken up and plaited in with the main strand (similar to a French plait). 

This is repeated strand by strand as you wish.

The individual cornrows are fixed in place with a hair grip (bobby pin) and then finished off with a good dose of hairspray (for instance, NIVEA Mega Strong Styling Spray).

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